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    Council Rock South 5 Pennridge 3

    Council Rock South and Pennridge had quite  a showdown Wednesday night. Details HERE

    Council Rock South 6 Pennsbury 3

    Council Rock South scored a big win over Pennsbury Thursday night.

    Details HERE

    Pennridge 7 C.B. South 2

    Pennridge kept up its winning ways Wednesday night.

    Details here

    Season Reminders

    Here are a few reminders as the season approaches:

    - Your Website Roster and Scoresheet labels must match.  Players must listed on the matrix (swing players on lower team) and USAH roster.  Players may not skate in a game unless they are on each one of these items.  Otherwise that game will be considered a forfeit. 

    -Up to five players (excluding goalie) may move up/swing and MUST be listed on BOTH website and scoresheet roster…..and matrix of the lower team.

    - The home team pays both referees during the regular season.  - $75 for Varsity, $65 for JV and $55 for MS.  NOTE:  for the pre-season MS games, each team pays one official.

    Each team is responsible for providing one individual to help with the timekeeper and scorekeeper responsibilities in the scorebox for every game. 

    -Scoresheet rosters require a ‘White, Avery 2 x 4 label’.  $25 fine for no label or clear label.  Players DO NOT sign scoresheet.

    4. The home team is responsible to e-mail the league a copy of the scoresheet after the game, please e-mail to  Download a scannable app ( like Apple Evernote Scannable) and change settings to pdf.    We can not accept a photos since scoresheets may have to be printed.  Send only pdf’s.

    5. Game results need to be entered online with 24 hours by the Home team.


    Snow Policy

    IF our games are cancelled due to snow, a phone call will be made to each Varsity coach and club President.  

    If any coach has safety concerns and is uncomfortable with playing a game due to safety reasons, the Varsity coach can contact the league to request an exception to the league's forfeit policy and allow that game to be made up on the home team’s practice ice within 30 days.  The date must be determined prior to canceling the game.  Failure to make-up the game within 30 days will result in a Home team forfeit.

    Please ask your players & parents to NOT call the rink or anyone else.  The rink simply does not know nor make the decision.

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      Council Rock North 4 Souderton 3

      Wednesday's game between Council Rick North an Souderton saw a wild finish. Details HERE